The Hybrid Practice

Hybrid was originally established as a competition team in 2003. We got our start building and designing efficient homes with shipping containers. Since then, We’ve evolved into a full service Firm.

Working from concept to construction, our “Hybrid” process involves Architecture, Research, and Construction into one seamless process.

We are an Architecture Firm.

We are a Construction Company.

We are City Developers.

We are Urban Researchers.

As licensed Architects,

Hybrid Architecture beautifies the city by creating thoughtful designs embracing Modern Urban Living through Sustainable Construction & Adaptable Spaces.

Since 2007 HyBrid Architecture has completed over 30 prefabricated projects in Washington, Oregon, California and British Columbia.  Off site fabrication allows for integration of advanced performance systems and several projects have achieved LEED platinum ratings.

Design Build brings a single-source of responsibility to the research, design and construction of buildings. With a focus on advanced methods of project delivery (prefab) as well as systems integration, HyBrid Assembly brings efficiency to an inherently inefficient process.

Design Build is an agile process in which the same people are responsible for an entire building project. Our architects are also construction managers, investing a wealth of knowledge into the construction process while establishing a positive feedback loop of investigation and learning.  Lessons learned in the assembly of one building are incorporated into the design of the next.

As a licensed and bonded Contractor,

Hybrid Assembly, utilizes modern technologies in Digital Modeling and Prefabrication to build beautiful modular & efficient buildings.

While we also have traditional construction backgrounds, HyBrid Assembly is focused on the utilization of new technologies in the design and assembly of buildings.  During the design phase, a detailed computer model is created and used for permitting and off site fabrication.

Prefabricated modules are typically outsourced to large factories and later delivered to site for crane set and assembly.  Foundations, utilities, structural and mechanical connections are managed by the same Project Architect who designed the building allowing for seamless integration of off site and on site components.

Prefabrication allows for tight control of budgets as fixed fee contacts are signed with the factory before construction begins. While off site fabrication is taking place, HyBrid Assembly is prepping the site with excavation,  foundations and utilities allowing simultaneous construction in two locations, saving significant time over traditional construction techniques.

As stewards of the city,

Hybrid Developments is literally building our City. By acting as developer, we have a direct say in how our city is built.

Acting as architect, contractor, and owner, We have the experiences to understand the decision making process of Urban Developments. We understand the Risks involved and are able to provide a holistic approach towards the development.

We serve our developer clients through a sound understanding of the role of budget, finance, and economic cycle involved. Designing and Constructing the building also streamlines the development process with efficiency and clear communication.

HyBrid often looks are sites that are passed over or that offer challenges in design, construction or permitting.  By thinking creatively, we are able to see value where others may not.

As patrons of the Arts,

Hybrid Space is a Public Venue for Discussions about Urbanism, Art, and Design. We provide Artists, Urbanists, and Educators a Space to discuss larger Urban Issues.

We hold 12 Events a Year, Sponsoring 6 – 12 Artists & Educators to Produce Thought Provoking Events. We reach out to individuals and organizations in the community to discuss ideas and issues that affect our Community. A Sustainable City is not just Energy Efficient, but Socially Engaged as well.

Originally starting as Site specific Art installations, our events have expanded to include educational exhibitions, Urban Research, and Interactive Experiences. The space is open to the Public during Capitol Hill’s Art Walk as well as for private showings.

In the lifetime of a building, Space is repurposed to fit the User’s needs. In modular design, flexibility is a mandate of great functional space. Hybrid ARC’s office reflects that flexibility, as the office becomes a platform to converse about urbanism and the changing landscape of our city.