is an architecture company with 4 unique & interconnected studios – Design, Build, Develop, & Space. Our Hybrid practice is multidisciplinary – bringing expertise from all spectrums of the design & construction process into a hybridized practice.
We are a diverse team of experienced Architects, Builders, & Real Estate Developer, ensuring your project is buildable, on budget, beautiful, and a quality investment.

Our Story

Hybrid was founded in 2003 as a collaboration of top Seattle professionals in the fields of art, landscape architecture, urban ecology, master planning, and history. With humble beginnings as a competition team, Hybrid has since evolved into an accomplished Architecture Team, recognized as leaders in High Density Design, Prefabrication, Social Engagement, & Urban Redevelopment.
We’ve grown with our city. As the needs of our city change, we’ve adapted to the needs of our shifting city. Originally founded by Robert Humble & Joel Egan, our nimble competition team has grown into a robust team of multi-disciplinary designers. With over 14 years of dedicated service to Idea-centered design, we have dedicated our craft to building the livable city.

‘Livability’ is the Urbanist Attitude of investing in Architecture that can evolve with the city.

Our Hybrid Livability Manifesto

We believe many factors impact the livability of architecture – from economical, social, environmental, & cultural. Our Hybrid ‘Livability’ Manifesto is a series of concepts we apply to Hybrid Designs, Construction, & Development. It constantly improves as our understanding of modern living evolves through Research, Competition Work, & Professional Experience gained from the front lines of Building the Livable City.

Designed for People
Visually Appealing
Enrich Communities
Be a Good Neighbor
Access to Public Transportation
Bicycle Friendly