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Hybrid Space   is   a Public Venue for   Discussions   about Urbanism, Art, and Design. We provide   Artists, Urbanists, and Educators a Space to discuss larger Urban Issues.

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We hold 12 Events a Year, Sponsoring 6 – 12 Artists   &   Educators to Produce Thought Provoking Events. We reach out to individuals and organizations in the community to discuss ideas and issues that affect our Community. A Sustainable City is not just Energy Efficient, but Socially Engaged as well.

Originally starting as Site specific Art installations, our   events have expanded to include educational exhibitions, Urban Research, and Interactive Experiences. The space is open to the Public during Capitol Hill’s Art Walk as well as for private showings.

Hybrid is a Design-Build-Develop Architecture Firm based in Capitol Hill, Seattle. Many of Hybrid Architecture ‘ s projects focus on the relationship between building & street. On a larger scale, as developers, Hybrid Development works on the relationship between building & city. Hybrid Space is the byproduct of these intersections.


Art Installation

2_”Empty Vase”

Art Installation


Event + Exhibition

4_”Snapshot Census”


5_”High and Low depend on each other, Before and After follow each other”

Art Installation



7_”Five Thousand Feet”

Art Installation

8_”Keyword Cow”

Art Exhibition

9_”Steal Away” // “Guided Tour”

Video Installation

10_ “Eavesdrop”

Art Installation

11_ Ink & Drink

Community Event

12_ “Window Monsters”


13_ Public Comment

Community Event

14_ Hybrid Vision

Research + Space

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15_ “Full Blown”

Video Exhibition

16_ The Edge Becomes the Center

Video Exhibition

17_ Protostellar

Art Installation

18_ Past Selves

Art Performance

20_ Not Even Barely Legal

Art Exhibition

19_ Deconstructed // Reconstructed

Art Exhibition

21_ Urban Smiths

Art Exhibition

Call for Artists!

We are always looking for artists!

Hybrid Space is always looking for Video/Multimedia/Community    installations!
Winter months are well suited for multimedia. Summer months are ideal for activity & built work.

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Gallery Information:

During the day, this Space provides for Architects and Builders. Once a month, Hybrid provided space for artists, urbanists, and educators to hold community events and discuss larger urban issues.

Located in the heart of the Capitol Hill Arts District, Hybrid Space is a series of curated shows held on every 2nd thursday of the month – in conjunction with the Capitol Hill Art Walk.

Past Contributors:

Tony Archie Kim
Etta Lilienthal
Seattle Design Nerds
UW School of Architecture
Warren Pope
Studio Refugio
Alex Boeschenstein
Urban Artworks
Seattle Demo Project

Barry Johnson
Michael Wilde
April Soetarman & Bridget Beorse
Bradly Gunn
Myra Lara
Chelsea Gaddy/ Force|Collide
Sean Carleton/ Carleton Fine Works
Leah Gerrard
Velvet Nugget Studios
KT Hancock
Jonathan Carmichael