Hybrid Studios


Hybrid is a full service, Registered Architecture Firm – working from concept to construction. While most of our work is directed at providing Livable housing in Urban Areas, we’ve designed a wide range of other projects from Neighborhood Planning, Office/Commercial, Cabins, & Competitions.

At Hybrid, we use sketches, plans, diagrams, physical & digital modelling, renderings, & Virtual Reality Machines to communicate our architectural concepts to our clients & collaborators.   Once our design intent is refined, we work with Building Information Modeling [BIM] to communicate our Architectural Design to the city & builders. BIM allows greater efficiency in the construction process. We coordinate our Advanced Models with builders to create accurate schedules of materials & refine a project deadline.


Hybrid is a fully licensed & bonded General Contractor. Building since 2007, we utilize modern technologies in Digital Modelling & Prefabrication to deliver an efficient construction process.   Over the past decade, Hybrid has worked in designing & building over 35 Prefabricated Buildings in Washington, Oregon, California, & Canada. Prefabrication allows for tight control of budgets and quick project delivery.

At Hybrid, Our Architects are also construction managers – reinvesting the wealth of building & design information into the construction process. This Design Build process allows fluidity between the construction & design process – creating a positive feedback loop. The lessons learned in the assembly of one project are incorporated into the design of the next.


Architect-led Development brings a single source of responsibility for the Programming, Design, & Execution of a Project. As Architects, our greatest contribution to the city is to be involved in how our neighborhoods grow. As Stewards of the city, We work to cultivate great communities as a means to build Livable Communities.

Hybrid often collaborates with long time property owners who want more of a stake in how their property gets redeveloped. This partnership allows for editorial control of the redevelopment of the lot with the property owner often arranging for the purchase of a unit in the redeveloped property.

Hybrid also excels at identification and development of underutilized or difficult sites. These sites often require unique design solutions and intense permitting processes. The ability of Hybrid to permit complicated sites in-house greatly reduces soft cost and holding expenses while maximizing underlying land value.


‘Hybrid Space’   is a Pop Up Gallery for artists, educators, and street shakers. Founded by Hybrid in 2015 – We are invested in making Capitol Hill, a Seattle Neighborhood, Dynamic & Involved.

We believe Great neighborhoods make Great Cities and that Great Streets make Great Neighborhoods. Hybrid Space provides opportunities for Design & Arts Community to build Better Streets.   We hold 12 Events a Year, Sponsoring 6  12 Artists & Educators to Produce Thought Provoking Events. A Sustainable City is not just Energy Efficient, but Socially Engaged as well.