is an architecture company with 4 unique & interconnected studios – Design, Build, Develop, & Space. Our ‘Hybrid’ practice is multidisciplinary – bringing expertise from all spectrums of the design & construction process into a hybridized practice.
We are a diverse team of experienced Architects, Builders, & Real Estate Developer, ensuring your project is buildable, on budget, beautiful, and a quality investment.


Hybrid is a full service, Registered Architecture Firm – working from concept to construction. While most of our work is directed at providing Livable housing in Urban Areas, we’ve designed a wide range of other projects from Neighborhood Planning, Office/Commercial, Cabins, & Competitions.

At Hybrid, we use sketches, plans, diagrams, physical & digital modelling, renderings, & Virtual Reality Machines to communicate our architectural concepts to our clients & collaborators. Once our design intent is refined, we work with Building Information Modeling [BIM] to communicate our Architectural Design to the city & builders. BIM allows greater efficiency in the construction process. We coordinate our Advanced Models with builders to create accurate schedules of materials & refine a project deadline.


Hybrid is a fully licensed & bonded General Contractor. Building since 2007, we utilize modern technologies in Digital Modelling & Prefabrication to deliver an efficient construction process. Over the past decade, Hybrid has worked in designing & building over 35 Prefabricated Buildings in Washington, Oregon, California, & Canada. Prefabrication allows for tight control of budgets and quick project delivery.

At Hybrid, Our Architects are also construction managers – reinvesting the wealth of building & design information into the construction process. This Design Build process allows fluidity between the construction & design process – creating a positive feedback loop. The lessons learned in the assembly of one project are incorporated into the design of the next.


Architect-led Development brings a single source of responsibility for the Programming, Design, & Execution of a Project. As Architects, our greatest contribution to the city is to be involved in how our neighborhoods grow. As Stewards of the city, We work to cultivate great communities as a means to build Livable Communities.

Hybrid often collaborates with long time property owners who want more of a stake in how their property gets redeveloped. This partnership allows for editorial control of the redevelopment of the lot with the property owner often arranging for the purchase of a unit in the redeveloped property.

Hybrid also excels at identification and development of underutilized or difficult sites. These sites often require unique design solutions and intense permitting processes. The ability of Hybrid to permit complicated sites in-house greatly reduces soft cost and holding expenses while maximizing underlying land value.


‘Hybrid Space’ is a Pop Up Gallery for artists, educators, and street shakers. Founded by Hybrid in 2015 – We are invested in making Capitol Hill, a Seattle Neighborhood, Dynamic & Involved.

We believe Great neighborhoods make Great Cities and that Great Streets make Great Neighborhoods. Hybrid Space provides opportunities for Design & Arts Community to build Better Streets. We hold 12 Events a Year, Sponsoring 6 – 12 Artists & Educators to Produce Thought Provoking Events. A Sustainable City is not just Energy Efficient, but Socially Engaged as well.

Our Story

Hybrid was founded in 2003 as a collaboration of top Seattle professionals in the fields of art, landscape architecture, urban ecology, master planning, and history. With humble beginnings as a competition team, Hybrid has since evolved into an accomplished Architecture Team, recognized as leaders in High Density Design, Prefabrication, Social Engagement, & Urban Redevelopment.
We’ve grown with our city. As the needs of our city change, we’ve adapted to the needs of our shifting city. Originally founded by Robert Humble & Joel Egan, our nimble competition team has grown into a robust team of multi-disciplinary designers. With over 14 years of dedicated service to Idea-centered design, we have dedicated our craft to building the livable city.

‘Livability’ is the Urbanist Attitude of investing in Architecture that can evolve with the city.

Our Hybrid Livability Manifesto

We believe many factors impact the livability of architecture – from economical, social, environmental, & cultural. Our Hybrid ‘Livability’ Manifesto is a series of concepts we apply to Hybrid Designs, Construction, & Development. It constantly improves as our understanding of modern living evolves through Research, Competition Work, & Professional Experience gained from the front lines of Building the Livable City.

Designed for People
Visually Appealing
Enrich Communities
Be a Good Neighbor
Access to Public Transportation
Bicycle Friendly

The Hybrid Team

is spearheaded by Founding Partner & Design Principal, Robert Humble.

With over 26 years of Building Experience, Rob leads Hybrid’s Design & Development Studio. His leadership in the firm is built on fostering a collaborative environment – bringing builders, designers, and developers together. Rob’s focus, at every level of construction, is to foster the growth of urbanism through affordable, sustainable, and livable strategies. Hybrid is fueled by this built on Research-Oriented Strategies of Hybrid, bringing innovative ideas to the design & construction process.

On the side, He maintains a grounded presence in the neighborhood, founding a community gallery dedicated to discussing deeper issues in Urbanism, Art, and Design – Hybrid Space. Providing a voice for local educators, artists, and community-minded voices is a huge staple in Rob’s belief that a great community starts with people. He is a founding member of ‘Architects without Borders – Seattle’, A former Chair of the ‘Capitol Hill Design Review’ Board, and former Adjunct  Professor at the ‘Cornish College for the Arts’.

Barrett Eastwood

Project Manager + Partner

Registered Architect/NCARB, LEED AP

Barrett has an extensive background in construction and fabrication and over a decade of experience with prefabricated projects and modular construction. he is involved in all aspects of hybrid and brings a breadth of knowledge to all projects that ranges from zoning regulations to welding tips and tricks. he lives in the Ravenna neighborhood with his wife and three kids and is an avid cyclist who bikes to work rain or shine(especially in the rain!)

B.S.Arch – university of virginia
M.Arch – university of virginia

Andy Fawcett

Project Manager + Architect

Registered Architect/NCARB

Andy leads HyBrid’s construction projects. He has worked on design build projects across the country including a brewery in Ohio, high-end residential projects in Chicago and a marine laboratory in coastal North Carolina. He is proud to call Seattle home and is growing roots with his family in the Beacon Hill neighborhood.

B.S. Mech. Eng. – Ohio State University
Fine woodworking Certificate Degree – Rio Grande University
M.Arch – Illinois Institute of Technology

Born & Raised:
Gambier, Ohio

Max Bemberg

Project Manager + Architect

Registered Architect, NCARB

Max is a recently registered architect. He brings a variety of skills and experiences to the office that stem from his passion for the design and fabrication process. As a true believer of Efficient & Adaptable Spaces, he lives in Seattle with his wife, Emily, in their tiny 250 square foot capitol hill apartment.

B.S.Arch – University of Illinois Urbana Champaign 2009
M.Arch – Washington University in St.Louis 2011

Born & Raised:
Saint Louis, Missouri – the show me state

Seattle Demo Project

Thomas Geeslin

Architectural Designer

Thomas is a fresh face to the Pacific Northwest. In 2012, he visited Seattle and was immediately convinced to move here. A Graduate of Arkansas's Fay Jone's School of Architecture, Thomas has a bright passion for furniture, construction, and the design process. You can always find him in the endless pursuit of the best coffee in Seattle.

B. Arch University of Arkansas

Born & Raised:
Fort Worth, TX

Water Skiing

Scott Goodner

Project Manager + Designer

Scott is an architectural generalist whose eight years of experience encompass design, project management, detailing, planning, interiors and teaching. Transplanted from Oklahoma to the Pacific Northwest a few years ago, he continues to be inspired about crafting beautiful spaces that impact communities in creative, sustainable and strategic ways. Scott believes strongly that good design and architecture is about listening, creating with passion and empathy, and collaborating in meaningful ways to elevate the lives of individuals, families and communities.

B. Arch – Oklahoma State University

Gina Gage

Project Manager + Designer


Gina believes that everyone deserves a well designed home and strives bring a bit of fun and energy to each project. Outside of the office she enjoys cosying up with marmots on mountain trails.

B.S. Geobiology – California Institute of Technology
M.Arch – Washington University in St.Louis

Jade Aramaki

Project Manager + Designer

Jade is a strong and confident designer offering expertise in architecture and interior design with over 6 years’ experience. She has a passion for cultivating positive relationships with consultants, clients, and colleagues; particularly adept at leading and coordinating these interactions with clarity among multiple project scales and complexities. The result is a detail oriented designer who has great tenacity in the ability to solve problems creatively. She has a profound appreciation for the city of Seattle and enjoys integrating herself in the local community.

Mike Ennen

Architectural Designer

Mike joins Hybrid after a diverse career in professional water sports and Visual Art. A Northwest Native, his art and ethics are deeply rooted inspired by the region and environment. Slated to complete his Master's in Architecture in 2018, Mike is excited to bring his unique flair to the architectural community. Check out his work at!

M. Arch University of Washington (2018)
B. FA Western Washington University

Born & Raised:
Bellingham, WA

Wake Surfing, Screenprinting

Bill Nicholson

Architectural Designer

Classically trained in the arts, Bill has produced over twenty murals and public art installations in the city of Chicago before moving to Seattle to translate his project management experience into the building arts. His love of carpentry made it easy to transition into building custom homes with a general contracting company, and he feels right at home in the PNW’s densely forested environment. After building homes in the Seattle area and developing an affinity for the region’s characteristic timber structures, Bill realized he could unify his passions for design and construction and achieved a Masters of Architecture at the University of Washington.

M.Arch – University of Washington

Alyssa DeLaFrance

Project Drafter

After relocating to Seattle in 2018, this Nevada desert girl is enjoying the Pacific Northwest trees and waterfronts. Her architectural interests are in sustainable design with a passion for community-oriented projects... multi-family, mixed-use, community gardens and green rooftops... hello Seattle! She loves drafting, diving into the code books, and ultimately, knocking out some kick-ass construction docs.

College of Southern Nevada
AAS - CADD Technology; Architectural Drafting; Interior Design

Volunteering, all things dance, indoor rock climbing, paddle boarding, and snuggling up with a motivational book

Alex Herbig

Office Manager + Bookkeeper

Alex joined the Hybrid team after spending the previous three years in the real estate field. As a licensed agent and former operations manager for real estate teams he brings systems and management experience to the table. He joined Hybrid in an effort to better understand and improve upon the task of running an architecture, building and development business all under one roof. An aspiring architect himself, he is an applicant to the UW's M or Arch starting in Fall of 2019.

Alex also owns and operates a photography business specializing in real estate, portrait and lifestyle photography.

Bachelors – Seattle Pacific University

Andres Salazar Del Pozo

Technical Designer

Andres came to Seattle with a multi-cultural background, professionally and academically, bringing experience from both the U.S. and his home country, Ecuador.

One of his biggest passions is finding more efficient ways to connect design with its technical aspects in order to reduce future problems. (Avoid short term solutions!)

Andres's skills vary from 3D modeling, problem-solving and process logistics, to software troubleshooting.

Outside of the office he enjoys discovering the city on his bike, attending innovation and entrepreneurial events and making friends from all around the world.

M.Arch - Virginia Tech (2017)
B. Arch - Univ. San Francisco de Quito (2011)

Born & Raised:
Quito, Ecuador



In a previous life, Rufus worked tirelessly as the local stud to his local dogtown. After years of dedicated service, he hit the road in search of life's great mysteries. His arrival at Hybrid is an astounding tale of heroism and delight. Presently, Rufus roams the halls of the hybrid office making sure all staffers are hydrated and enjoying their day. You'll often find him sitting on laps or laid down on his favorite office spots.